A Leitrim Lifestyle

Leitrim provides access to all the services you need to enjoy a modern lifestyle within a setting which is suitable for families, single and older people alike. Leitrim has some unique attributes which make it particularly attractive to live in:

  • Varied landscape so hill-walking or surfing depending on your mood.
  • Leitrim is rich in heritage with castles, churches, famine attics and megalithic tombs.
  • Leitrim offers a range of jobs in different sectors including food, creative, forestry & energy, services, manufacturing and finance.
  • There is a choice of schools and pre-school facilities with availability in most schools.
  • Leitrim has a varied sporting & recreational scene with Gaelic football & hurling, athletics, soccer, rugby, rowing, golf, tennis, badminton, martial arts, yoga, pilates, swimming, kayaking, surfing, fishing and more.


  • The schools in North Leitrim have taken advantage of Leitrim’s coastline to introduce surfing into the school curriculum.
  • Leitrim Sports Partnership are very active in providing opportunities for children/adults with Special Needs to participate in a range of activities including dance, horse-riding, soccer, swimming and yoga.
  • Leitrim’s Arts scene is the envy of many geographically bigger locations. There is ample opportunity to enjoy or participate in dance, visual arts, drama, traditional, contemporary music and storytellingSome further sites of interest include: